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Furniture and TV Anchoring

One of the most important ways to baby-proof your home is to secure all furniture and tippable items.

Furniture and TV Anchoring

According to Consumer Product Safety Commission, every two weeks a child dies from furniture tipping over. Every 24 minutes, one is injured.

Not many families consider furniture as something that needs to be childproofed, but in reality, it’s one of the top hidden hazards lurking inside your home.

"Baby-Proofing 101" is securing furniture such as dressers, changing tables and bookshelves to the wall in order to prevent a child from accidentally pulling it down on top of themselves. Even items you think are to heavy to fall over can be deceptively easy to tip and need to be pushed back as far as possible to the wall and anchored with the properly rated safety strap.

Flat-screen televisions are something most people normally overlook: they seem out of reach, and too light to cause an issue so people tend to leave them as they are.

The truth is that a TV is probably the most likely thing to catch a child’s attention, and as flat and light as they may seem, if they fall on top of a small child they can surely cause injury. If your flat screen TV is not (or can’t be) mounted to the wall, it should be strapped down with a safety strap.

Play It Safe will secure your heavy and tippable items always use the proper strap for the dresser, changing table, bookshelf or TV you need anchored.

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