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Cabinet and Drawer Locks and Latches

Looking to keep your little one out of all the places they shouldn’t be (but will inevitably try to get to?) We've got a variety of safety locks and latches that'll keep your little one from getting into drawers and cabinets.

Cabinet and Drawer Locks and Latches

Constant supervision is essential, but kids can be pretty speedy. In the time it takes to answer the phone or heat up a cup of coffee, your sweet pea could be elbows deep in the trash or pulling open your knife drawer.
That’s why locking down your drawers and cabinets is a good idea.

And as far as latches go, we’ve seen and used them all. Not all latches fit everywhere, and they can be deceptively difficult to install.

It’s crucial to choose the correct latch for each cabinet and drawer based on how the cabinetry is built, and one size almost never fits all. In fact, it’s typical for our trained installers to utilize more than one style latch to get the job done right!

We'll show you the best ways to lock everything up in a way that best suits your home and your lifestyle.

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