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Acrylic Shielding and Plexiglass

Does your home have wide or climbable banisters? Maybe horizontal cable rails or decking? We can protect those areas with custom-fitted acrylic shielding!

Acrylic Shielding and Plexiglass

If you have climbable banisters or railings, wide gaps between posts or horizontal balusters - these can pose an extreme hazard to your child in terms of fitting/falling through or climbing over.

While building codes vary throughout the country, building guidelines weren’t necessarily drawn up with a child’s safety in mind. If the distance at the widest point between the railings is more than 4”, then that banister poses a ‘fit through’ hazard and needs to be childproofed. (the 4” rule also applies to the distance between the bottom rail and the floor.)

A durable and attractive solution to this problem is the installation of a clear acrylic, or "plexiglass", shield. Play It Safe will install this customized invisible barrier to make sure your baby doesn’t fall through, become stuck between or climb over.

The ‘climbing over’ hazard is especially real if your staircase has a ledge, decorative iron, or horizontal rails that your toddler could easily use as a ladder while trying to get around the baby gate.

It’s easy to remove, looks great and creates a much safer environment for your child.

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