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Baby Proofing Services

LA Installation to Protect | Banisters, Cable Rails & Decking

Acrylic Shielding and Plexiglass

Does your home have wide or climbable banisters? Maybe horizontal cable rails or decking? We can protect those areas with custom-fitted acrylic shielding!

Baby-Proof LA Home by Securing Tippable Items

Furniture and TV Anchoring

One of the most important ways to baby-proof your home is to secure all furniture and tippable items.

LA Expert Installation for Stairwells & More

Baby Gates

As your baby becomes mobile, baby gates are a great way to give your child the freedom to move around and explore the surroundings while still providing a safe and effective barrier from harm.

Installation of Safety Locks & Latches in LA

Cabinet and Drawer Locks and Latches

Looking to keep your little one out of all the places they shouldn’t be (but will inevitably try to get to?) We've got a variety of safety locks and latches that'll keep your little one from getting into drawers and cabinets.

Sliding Outlet, Box & Power Strip Covers in LA

Electrical Safety

We’ll make sure the only “JUICE” your child gets comes from a fruit!

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