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For busy nannies, personal assistants or home managers tasked with finding child proofing solutions for your clients, Play It Safe Baby Proofing offers concierge-level service to streamline the process and make your job easier!

From softening sharp edges, anchoring furniture and locking drawers & cabinets to installing child safety gates on stairs and everything in between, our expert team does it all to create a secure environment for young explorers while maintaining the aesthetic look & feel of the home. 


With our best-in-class customer service, ultra-responsive team and frictionless process, we'll make your job easier and make you look good doing it!

Play It Safe Baby Proofing combines meticulous craftsmanship with superior and responsive customer service, delivering excellence in childproofing so you can focus on what matters most – the happiness and security of your clients' families.


Frictionless Baby Proofing Services for Personal Assistants, Nannies & Home Managers

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